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MathEdit offers abundant mathematical expression templates and customizable graphical user interface for users to enter various mathematical expressions intuitively. It also provides visual navigation which allows users to jump to and select apropos sub-expression. Figure 2 shows the main MathEdit user interface (boxes with black lettering are part of the(More)
Blum integers (BL), which has extensively been used in the domain of cryptography, are integers with form p k1 q k2 , where p and q are different primes both ≡ 3 mod 4 and k 1 and k 2 are odd integers. These integers can be divided two types: 1) M = pq, 2) M = p k1 q k2 , where at least one of k 1 and k 2 is greater than 1. In [3], Bruce Schneier has(More)
Polynomial composition is the operation of replacing variables in a polynomial with other polynomials. H.Hong has resolved following problem: when does polynomial composition commute with Gröbner basis computation? The main question of this paper is: when does polynomial composition commute with Gröbner h-bases computation? And we obtain some(More)