Jinu Kurian Thomas

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Fetus in fetu (FIF) is a rare condition in which a malformed fetus resides in the body of its host. The presence of a well-formed vertebral column secures the diagnosis of FIF and differentiates this entity from a teratoma. Although more than 100 cases of FIF have been reported in the literature, the presence of a well-formed vertebral column is not(More)
Thoracic splenosis is a rare pathologic entity resulting from seeding of splenic tissue in the pleural cavity after thoracoabdominal trauma. A 45-year-old man with a history of splenectomy secondary to abdominal trauma presented with a left lung mass and an inconclusive tissue diagnosis after needle biopsy. Thoracic splenosis was not suspected(More)
Sir, A 25-year-old gentleman presented with a progressively enlarging swelling over the right side of the neck for seven months. He also had a large fungating ulcer over the right supraclavicular region with extensive edema of the chest wall and right upper limb for three months. He complained of high spiking fever, cough and significant weight loss.(More)
A case is presented which demonstrates the ability of CT to be of use in an unusual presentation of a not uncommon problem, i.e. hepatic hematoma following laceration and repair in a posttraumatic setting. Subsequent compromise of the portal venous system and the inferior vena cava in its retrohepatic course, and resultant abdominal findings are(More)
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