Jintong Lin

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In order to effectively accommodate a wide variety of emerging and future applications with diverse requirements, an intelligent optical network capable of the rapid and resilient delivery of on-demand transparent transmission capacity is required. This paper investigates a multi-layer network architecture where a generalized multiple protocol label(More)
In recent years, Grid computing applications are becoming more and more important to the scientific and business communities and are likely to open to the consumer market and widely develop in the near future, which is a great challenge brought by the potentially large number of Grid users (perhaps millions) and high frequency of their job requests.(More)
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) performance over optical burst switching (OBS) is experimentally investigated on an OBS network testbed. The effect of burst losses on TCP performance over the OBS testbed is studied and the result shows that burst losses will lead to a network wide drop in TCP throughput and there exists an optimal assembly period to(More)
A novel 10GE-based optical network interface card is proposed to connect high performance processors and an optical interconnection network. We demonstrate end-to-end link setup, and TCP and HD video streaming utilizing 4×3.125Gb/s wavelength-striped WDM payloads. 1. Introduction The accelerated growth in the performance of microprocessors and the emergence(More)
  • Lei Liu, Hongxiang Guo, Yawei Yin, Xiaoqiang Hu, Takehiro Tsuritani, Jian Wu +4 others
  • 2008
Grid over OBS/GMPLS is successfully demonstrated and a self-organized resource discovery and management scheme is proposed for consumer Grid. High-speed TCPs for Grid are experimentally compared. 1. Introduction Grid will open to the consumer market and widespread development (i.e. global Grid computing) in the future, which is made challenging by the(More)
In this paper, we compare performances of the constant modulus algorithm (CMA) and data-aided time domain equalization (DA-TDE) algorithm for mode demultiplexing in few mode transmission systems. Simulation results of $$4\times 56\ \hbox {Gbit/s}$$ 4 × 56 Gbit/s QPSK mode-division multiplexed system show that the maximum required OSNRs with CMA are less(More)
In this paper, a simple and robust pilot-aided carrier phase estimation scheme with a modified phase unwrapping is proposed. The principle of the proposed phase unwrapping is shown with a step-by-step procedure. Further, we test the post-FEC BER performance for the pilot-aided carrier phase estimation scheme with the traditional and proposed phase(More)