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The radiation response of a 0.25 µm silicon-on-sapphire CMOS technology is characterized at the transistor and circuit levels utilizing both standard and enclosed layout devices. The threshold-voltage shift is less than 170 mV and the leakage-current increase is less than 1 nA for individual standard-layout nMOSFET and pMOSFET devices at a total dose of 100(More)
Please note that terms and conditions apply. ABSTRACT: The LHC upgrade will extensively increase the area of silicon detectors used in the ATLAS experiment and require substantial changes to the readout system of both the ATLAS and CMS experiments. The two experiments are expected to use optical systems for part of the data and control paths which must(More)
Highway construction has accelerated urban growth and induced direct and indirect changes to land use. Although many studies have analyzed the relationship between highway construction and local development, relatively less attention has been paid to clarifying the various impacts of highways associated with farmland loss. This paper integrates GIS spatial(More)
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