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Growing evidence suggests that iron accumulation in the substantia nigra (SN) is involved in the pathology of Parkinson's diseases (PD). Divalent metal transporter 1 (DMT1) is an endogenous transporter for ferrous iron, the levels of which are significantly increased in the SN in postmortem PD brains. To study the possible association of DMT1 gene with PD(More)
BACKGROUND We recently reported elevated cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) levels of soluble tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptors and TNF-α converting enzyme (TACE) activity in subjects with Alzheimer's disease (AD) in a Caucasian population. The TNF receptor-mediated signaling pathway contributes to the production of Aβ and the subsequent cytotoxicity that is(More)
In recent imaging genetic studies, much work has been focused on regression analysis that treats large-scale single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and quantitative traits (QTs) as association variables. To deal with the weak detection and high-throughput data problem, feature selection methods such as the least absolute shrinkage and selection operator(More)
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