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—We construct several examples of distinct asym-metric–symmetric pulse pairs with identical or essentially identical intensity autocorrelations and power spectra. From these examples , we infer that pulse retrieval methods based on these two data sets alone produce ambiguous solutions. Furthermore, we used the constructed pulse pairs as test cases to assess(More)
When a cantilever beam rotates about an axis perpendicular to its neutral axis, its modal characteristics often vary significantly. If the geometric shape and the material property of the beam are given, the modal characteristic variations can be accurately estimated following a well-established analysis procedure employing assumed mode method or finite(More)
— A new type of vibration absorber is developed to reduce the in-plane vibration of the feeding deck system in an optical disk drive. In order to derive the equations of motion for the feeding deck system with the absorbers, a vibration model is established. After the frequency response function is obtained from the equations, the effects of absorber mass,(More)
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