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In this position paper we present a three-tier architecture of a middleware that addresses challenges facing accessibility, availability, and consistency of data in mobile environments. The architecture supports the automatic hoarding of data from multiple, heterogeneous sources into possibly a variety of different mobile devices. The middle tier enables(More)
Disconnection is one of the popular techniques for operating in mobile environments and is here to stay, until long-range wireless connectivity becomes a reality. However, disconnection requires periodic hoarding and reintegration of data, which raises performance issues especially during weak connection. A common hoarding and reintegration mechanism(More)
An increasing cache latency in future processors incurs profound performance impacts in spite of advanced out-of-order execution techniques. In this paper, we describe an early address resolution mechanism that accurately resolves both regular and irregular load addresses. The basic idea is to build dynamic dependence links from the instruction that updates(More)
The present study carries out numerical analysis of the coupled natural convection and oxygen transfer of low-Pra-ndtl-number ($0.02) liquid lead and lead–bismuth eutectic (LBE) for testing and calibrating low concentration level oxygen sensors. The analysis is performed on the two-dimensional coordinates in a rectangular container, where the fluid movement(More)
— Liquid lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE), a good candidate for the coolant in the subcritical transmutation blanket, is known to be very corrosive to stainless steel that transports it. Such a corrosion problem can be prevented by producing and maintaining a protective oxide layer on the exposed surface of stainless steel. Proper formation of the oxide layer(More)
This paper analyzes a spurious regression involving AR(p) infinite-variance processes in the presence of structural breaks by least squares using asymptotic theory. It is found that when regressing two independent infinite-variance sequence with breaks in the level and slope of trend, no matter whether the breaks occur at different points or not, the(More)
In mobile environment, it is very common that mobile devices periodically stay in disconnection mode. In a networked world as today, computer users rely on network services so heavily that even a short duration of disconnection from network will dramatically distract user's normal activity. Past researches explored disconnected operation for file system and(More)