Jinsung Park

4Hanjong Ahn
3Taeyun Kwon
3Seung Hyo Woo
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—This paper evaluates the potential for the real-time utilization of high frame rate image sequences using a fully parallel readout system. Multiple readout architectures for high frame rate imaging are compared. The application domain for a fully parallel readout system is identified, and the design for a fully parallel, monolithically integrated smart(More)
Characterization and control of proteolysis of peptides by specific cellular protease is a priori requisite for effective drug discovery. Here, we report the nanomechanical, in situ monitoring of proteolysis of peptide chain attributed to protease (Cathepsin B) by using a resonant nanomechanical microcantilever immersed in a liquid. Specifically, the(More)
This paper proposes a mobile search engine for smart devices, which effectively augments the result of local semantic search with useful Web information according to the intent and context of a mobile user. To support an intuitive query, we employ the conventional natural language user interface, which supports voice recognition. Through the prototype(More)
Nanowires have been taken much attention as a nanoscale building block, which can perform the excellent mechanical function as an electromechanical device. Here, we have performed atomic force microscope (AFM)-based nanoindentation experiments of silicon nanowires in order to investigate the mechanical properties of silicon nano-wires. It is shown that(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the relationship of improvement in erectile function (EF) with improvement in lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and to assess the contribution of tamsulosin dose to the improvement of EF apart from the indirect influence of LUTS improvement in men with LUTS and erectile dysfunction (ED). MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty patients(More)
Over the past decade, continent urinary diversion, especially orthotopic bladder substitutions, has become increasingly popular following radical cystectomy for bladder cancer. The ultimate goal of orthotopic bladder substitution is to offer patients the best quality of life, similar to that of patients with native bladders. To achieve that purpose,(More)
PURPOSE We examined patient satisfaction with treatment outcomes after shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) and ureteroscopic removal of stone (URS) for proximal ureteral stones. MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated 224 consecutive patients who underwent SWL (n=156) or URS (n=68) for a single radiopaque proximal ureteral stone. Stone-free rates, defined as no(More)
PURPOSE We investigated changing patterns of primary treatment in Korean men with prostate cancer (PC) and impact of sociodemographic factors on treatment choice from a nationwide cohort over 10 years. MATERIALS AND METHODS We conducted a cohort study of a 2% nationwide random sample of Korean National Health Insurance. A total of 1,382 patients who had(More)