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A versatile resource program was developed for diffusion tensor image (DTI) computation and fiber tracking. The software can read data formats from a variety of MR scanners. Tensor calculation is performed by solving an over-determined linear equation system using least square fitting. Various types of map data, such as tensor elements, eigenvalues,(More)
In this diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) study, the authors investigated white matter integrity in schizophrenia and the relationships between white matter alterations and specific symptoms of the disorder. We compared DTI images of 25 schizophrenia patients and 25 matched healthy controls and performed voxel-wise correlational analyses using the patient's(More)
Voxel-based analysis (VBA) is commonly used for statistical analysis of image data, including the detection of significant signal differences between groups. Typically, images are co-registered and then smoothed with an isotropic Gaussian kernel to compensate for image misregistration, to improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), to reduce the number of(More)
Several reports show that traumatic brain injury (TBI) results in abnormalities in the coordinated activation among brain regions. Because most previous studies examined moderate/severe TBI, the extensiveness of functional connectivity abnormalities and their relationship to postconcussive complaints or white matter microstructural damage are unclear in(More)
Radiology reports contain information that can be mined using a search engine for teaching, research, and quality assurance purposes. Current search engines look for exact matches to the search term, but they do not differentiate between reports in which the search term appears in a positive context (i.e., being present) from those in which the search term(More)
We developed fully automated software for dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) MR perfusion-weighted imaging (PWI) to efficiently and reliably derive critical hemodynamic information for acute stroke treatment decisions. Brain MR PWI was performed in 80 consecutive patients with acute nonlacunar ischemic stroke within 24h after onset of symptom from(More)
We report two cases of epithelioid hemangioma (EH) manifested in the thoracic spine with associated clinical, radiographic, and pathological findings. Epithelioid hemangioma is a benign vascular tumor that can involve any bone (including the spine in a subset of patients). Although recognized as a benign tumor by the WHO, it can display locally aggressive(More)
  • Rosalind Lauren Smith, Salam Rahmatalla, Deema Fattal, Edwin Dove, Nicole, Grosland +4 others
  • 2016
ii To my parents, for believing in me. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to acknowledge and thank the individuals at the MRI Research Facility and the 3D Bio-Motion Research Lab at the University of Iowa for their expertise and assistance with this project. In particular, I would like to acknowledge John Meusch for his assistance in the collection and post(More)
Diffusion tensor imaging provides the ability to study white matter connec-tivity and integrity noninvasively. The information contained in the diffusion tensors is very complex. Therefore a simple way of dealing with tensors is to compute rota-tionally invariant scalar quantities. These scalar indices have been used to perform population studies between(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between third ventricular width, a measure of thalamic brain atrophy, and motor vehicle violation type and frequency in a cohort of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Tertiary care university hospital. PARTICIPANTS Thirty-five individuals with clinically confirmed(More)