Jinsoo Choi

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A typical gaze estimator needs an explicit personal calibration stage with many discrete fixation points. This limitation can be resolved by mapping multiple eye images and corresponding saliency maps of a video clip during an implicit calibration stage. Compared to previous calibration-free methods, our approach clusters eye images by using Gaussian(More)
One of the most hazardous driving scenario is the overtaking of a slower vehicle, indeed, in this case the front vehicle (being overtaken) can occlude an important part of the field of view of the rear vehicle's driver. This lack of visibility is the most probable cause of accidents in this context. Recent research works tend to prove that augmented reality(More)
—Photo collections and its applications today attempt to reflect user interactions in various forms. Moreover, photo collections aim to capture the users' intention with minimum effort through applications capturing user intentions. Human interest regions in an image carry powerful information about the user's behavior and can be used in many photo(More)
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