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Heart disease is one of the more life-threatening diseases. Accurate diagnosis and treatment are central to the survival of patients. Numerous diagnostic methods that can assess abnormalities of the heart have been developed. Among these methods, cardiac functional analysis has been widely used to derive cardiac functional parameters that describe the(More)
A reduced graphene oxide (RGO) based glucose sensor using a radio frequency (RF) signal is demonstrated. An RGO with outstanding electrical property was employed as the interconnector material between signal electrodes in an RF electric circuit, and it was functionalized with phenylbutyric acid (PBA) as a linker molecule to bind glucoses. By adding glucose(More)
In this paper, a method for automatically translating scanned images from print books into electronic Braille books is proposed with the objective of reducing the amount of time and cost required for producing Braille books. The proposed method consists of processes for identifying character and image areas in a scanned image, automatically translating(More)
A high-performance VLSI architecture for the H.264/AVC context-adaptive variable length decoder (CAVLD) is proposed in order to reduce the computation time. The overall computation is pipelined, and a parallel processing is employed for high performance. For the run_before computation, the values of input symbols are estimated in parallel to check if their(More)
The existing methods for creating an object panorama generally have limits in creating an object panorama with various models because the latter depends on a special environment where the model can be rotated to take images. In this paper, a method of creating an object panorama by modeling a new panoramic space based on the photographing environment of the(More)