Jinsong Zhao

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The Method of Moments (MoM) is often effectively used inthe extraction of passive components in modeling integratedcircuits and MCM packaging. MoM extraction, however,involves solving a dense system of linear equations, and using direct factorization methods can be prohibitive for large problems. In this paper, we present a Fast Method of Moments Solver(More)
Safety is an important issue in process design and operation in the chemical process industry (CPI). It is even more critical for modern chemical manufacturing processes, which are either operated under extreme conditions to achieve maximum economic profit, or are highly flexible. The importance of safety analysis in process operation is well recognized(More)
Inorganic fertilizer is one of the most important anthropogenic inputs which influences soil nutrient turnover in agricultural ecosystems. However, as the key process involved in the maintenance, transformation and stability of soil nitrogen (N), the incorporation and allocation of fertilizer N between different soil organic N (SON) fractions in a growing(More)
In the developing chick retina, heat shock protein 108 (HSP108), which exhibits transferrin binding activity, has been demonstrated at the mRNA level, while transferrin shows two expression peaks. Here, we investigated the expression profile of HSP108 in the developing chick retina at the protein level. The localization of HSP108 in embryonic days 15 (E15),(More)
Tissue engineering technologies offer new treatment strategies for the repair of peripheral nerve injury, but cell loss between seeding and adhesion to the scaffold remains inevitable. A thermosensitive collagen hydrogel was used as an extracellular matrix in this study and combined with bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells to construct tissue-engineered(More)
Soil types have traditionally been determined by soil physical and chemical properties, diagnostic horizons and pedogenic processes based on a given classification system. This is a laborious and time consuming process. Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy can comprehensively characterize soil properties, and may provide a viable alternative method for soil(More)
While research work on fast integral equation solver has resulted in several algorithms of similar linear equation solving performance, it has been well observed that the convergence of capacitance versus discretization is rather slow due to the most commonly used first-order collocation or Galerkin methods. This paper reports a new high-order scheme,(More)