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Recent years, people pay more and more attention to multi-modal biometric recognition because of its higher security. In this paper, face and palmprint are fused in feature level and a novel user-specific weighting rule is used to adapt different people's need and improve recognition accuracy. According to respective characteristic of face and palmprint,(More)
The problem in parameter selection of least squares support vector machine (LS-SVM) restricts the development of LS-SVM, In order to choose the optimal parameters of LS-SVM automatically, we proposed an improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm which can not only increase the convergent speed but also improve the overall searching ability of the(More)
A novel iris localization method and user-specific automatic iris authentication approach based on feature selection is proposed in this paper. First, two iris sub-regions, where are nearly not occluded by useless parts such as eyelash and eyelid, are segmented as region of interest (ROI). Second, multi-scale Gabor filters are adopted to extract the texture(More)
Robot easy programming is a keen requirement in GI (General Industrial) company using low skilled people. This paper deals with the problem of a novel active, online, lead-through robot programming method based on a 6-DOF wire-based tracking device, RoboPuppet, with the 3–2–1 configuration. The kinematics analysis of this configuration is(More)
A lead-through robot programming solution with a 6-DOF motion tracking device is presented. The motion tracking device is flexible-linked and can be fixed on the end-effector of a robot to realize lead-through teaching. The programming solution covers data acquiring from the six string sensors of the motion tracking device, data processing, kinematical(More)
Iris recognition is a kind of novel biometric feature recognition approach which was developed from 1990s and it has attracted more and more attention because of its high accuracy. In this paper, based on researching the existing iris authentication methods, a novel iris feature selection approach based on partical swarm optimization is proposed. We use the(More)
The problem in accurate and fast face detection and tracking in video images with complex background is studied in this paper. In order to meet both of speed and accuracy, a face detection method integrating the skin color segmentation and Split up Sparse Network of Winnows (SNoW) is presented. This kind of method can not only utilize the advantage of skin(More)
Recent years, the biometric technology attracts more and more people's attention. However, the single-modal biometric technology is difficult to meet the higher security needs and multi-modal biometric technology gradually becomes the mainstream of biometrics. In this paper, face and palmprint biological characteristics are used for recognition. Gabor(More)
This paper presents a novel lossless and content-based hidden transmission method of biometric images to improve the security and secrecy of biometric verification. Chaos is used to encrypt the watermark. The secret keys which called biokey are generated from the biometric image and used as the parameter value and initial condition of the chaotic map. The(More)
—Focusing property and focal pattern of incident optical beam play an important role in many optical systems, including optical imaging system, optical sensing instruments, and analysis instrument. The focusing properties of concentric two-portion radial polarized beam are investigated theoretically. The phase shift of the center portion is π. Results show(More)