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Stainless steel square honeycomb core sandwich and solid monolithic beams have been subjected to high-pressure, short-duration impulses using a shock simulation technique involving high-speed impact of Al foam projectiles. The experiments have been designed to achieve two objectives: (i) to demonstrate the benefits of sandwich construction, and (ii) to(More)
A narrowband ultrasound source has been used to generate solitary wave impulses in finite-length chains of spheres. Once the input signal is of sufficient amplitude, both harmonics and sub-harmonics of the input frequency can be generated as non-linear normal modes of the system, allowing a train of impulses to be established from a sinusoidal input. The(More)
The propagation of broad bandwidth solitary wave impulses, generated within granular chains by narrow bandwidth ultrasonic excitation, is studied in detail. Theoretical predictions are compared to experimental results. It is demonstrated that the observed effects result from a sum of a solitary wave traveling out from the source with a wave that reflects(More)
An understanding of the role of methane hydrates in the global carbon cycle, and in past and future climate change, is dependent on an understanding of methane consumption in hydrate-associated environments. In the marine environment, a dual-component microbial biofilter consumes up to 80% of methane produced. Throughout most of the world's ocean the(More)
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