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This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. Abstract—In this paper, we propose an efficient pseudony-mous authentication scheme with strong privacy preservation, named PASS, for vehicular communications. Unlike traditional pseudonymous(More)
This paper presents an overview of TianHe-1A (TH-1A) supercomputer, which is built by National University of Defense Technology of China (NUDT). TH-1A adopts a hybrid architecture by integrating CPUs and GPUs, and its interconnect network is a proprietary high-speed communication network. The theoretical peak performance of TH-1A is 4700 TFlops, and its(More)
For applications in large-scale distributed systems, it is becoming increasingly important to provide reliable scheduling by evaluating the reliability of resources. However, most existing reputation models used for reliability evaluation ignore the critical influence of task runtime. In addition, most previous work uses list heuristics to optimize the(More)
Nowadays, enterprises and individuals are increasing tending to store their data in the cloud storage systems, yet, these sensitive data will face serious security threats. Currently, cloud storage service providers mainly adopt encryption and authentication to protect sensitive data, and a lot of approaches have been proposed to ensure data security in(More)
Relaying and cooperation have emerged as important research topics in wireless communication over the past half-decade. During cooperative communication, spatial diversity can be achieved by exploiting the relaying capabilities of the involved relay nodes, which may vastly enhance the achieved system capacity. The potential gains largely depend on the(More)
Natural disasters often lead to regional failures that can cause network nodes and links co-located in a large geographical area to fail. Novel approaches are required to assess the network vulnerability under such regional failures. In this paper, we investigate the vulnerability of networks by considering the geometric properties of regional failures and(More)
BGP prefix hijacking remains a serious security threat to the Internet. Despite many detection mechanisms have been proposed, few of them are practically deployed in a large scale. Inaccuracy of detection and inefficiency of deployment are two major causing problems. In this paper, based on the key observation that the distribution of traffic load to a(More)