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In this paper, we propose an efficient pseudonymous authentication scheme with strong privacy preservation, named PASS, for vehicular communications. Unlike traditional pseudonymous authentication schemes, the size of Certificate Revocation List (CRL) in PASS is linear with the number of revoked vehicles and irrelated to how many pseudonymous certificates(More)
This paper presents an overview of TianHe-1A (TH-1A) supercomputer, which is built by National University of Defense Technology of China (NUDT). TH-1A adopts a hybrid architecture by integrating CPUs and GPUs, and its interconnect network is a proprietary high-speed communication network. The theoretical peak performance of TH-1A is 4700 TFlops, and its(More)
Reputation-based trust systems provide important capability in open and service-oriented computing environments. Most existing trust models fail to assess the variance of a reputation prediction. Moreover, the summation method, widely used for reputation feedback aggregation, is vulnerable to malicious feedbacks. This paper presents a general trust model,(More)
For applications in large-scale distributed systems, it is becoming increasingly important to provide reliable scheduling by evaluating the reliability of resources. However, most existing reputation models used for reliability evaluation ignore the critical influence of task runtime. In addition, most previous work uses list heuristics to optimize the(More)
The previous approaches to measuring network security are most based on the hypothesis that the related source data can be known well and truly. But in practice, it is very difficult to obtain all the related accurate source data (Z Ciechanowicz, 1997). In this paper, we propose a flexible approach based on attack graphs to measuring security of crucial(More)
Many general range query schemes for DHT-based peer-to-peer (P2P) systems have been proposed, which do not need to modify the underlying DHTs. However, most existing works have the query delay depending on both the scale of the system and the size of the query space or the specific query, and thus cannot guarantee to return the query results in a bounded(More)
Regular expression matching engine is a crucial infrastructure which is widely used in network security systems, like IDS. We propose Gregex, a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) based regular expression matching engine for deep packet inspection (DPI). Gregex leverages the computational power and high memory bandwidth of GPUs by storing data in proper GPU(More)
Rerouting is not uncommon in nowadays Internet because it can be triggered by many root causes, such as network faults, routing attacks, etc. However, few methods effectively characterize rerouting in the whole Internet. In this paper, inspired by a well known network science metric betweenness centrality, we propose a new approach to characterize(More)
With the popular applications of SDN in load balancing and failure recovery, the controller schedules affected flows to redundant paths to avoid network congestions and failures by updating flow tables in data plane. However, inconsistent flow table updating may lead to transient incorrect network behaviors or undesired performance degradation. Therefore,(More)