Jinsheng Shi

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Zn2SiO4, Zn2GeO4, and CdAl2O4 possess high electron density in their six-membered-ring nanotunnels, manganese from MnO2 was successfully doped into them, and green or blue phosphors were produced in air. It is nanotunnel A with high electron density that induces active sites for the reduction of MnIV. MnIV is captured and reduced to MnII on active sites by(More)
The relationships between sp energy levels (A, B and C bands) as well as the charge transfer band (D band) of Pb(2+)-doped alkali halides and the crystalline environment were thoroughly investigated by means of dielectric theory of chemical bonds for complex crystals. It is found that the coordination number of the central ion, the bond volume(More)
A series of Sr2ZnWO6 phosphors co-doped with Eu(3+), Bi(3+) and Li(+) were prepared using the Pechini method. The samples were tested using X-ray diffraction and luminescence spectroscopy. The results show that the samples can be effectively excited by near-ultraviolet (UV) and UV light. The introduction of Bi(3+) and Li(+) significantly enhances the(More)
A novel single-component warm white light-emitting Sr(2)Ca(0.995)MoO(6): Sm(3+) (0.005) phosphor was synthesized by solid-state reaction. The photoluminescence excitation spectra ranging from 300 to 450 nm and 460 to 500 nm broadly are observed. Direct full-color warm white light [(x, y) = 0.3221, 0.3525] was realized in this single-phase phosphor with(More)
Luminescent properties are affected by lattice environment of luminescence centers. The lattice environment of emission centers can be effectively changed due to the diversity of lattice environment in multiple site structure. But how precisely control the doped ions enter into different sites is still very difficult. Here we proposed an example to(More)
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