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This paper presents the results of the system IRLAS from HIT-IRLab in the Second International Chinese Word Segmentation Bakeoff. IRLAS consists of several basic components and multiple postprocessors. The basic components include basic segmentation, factoid recognition, and named entity recognition. These components maintain a segment graph together. The(More)
BACKGROUND Hydatid disease is a severe and widespread human cestode infection, and in children, the lung is the most commonly infected organ. In current practice, the standard surgical procedure for the removal of pulmonary hydatid cysts is thoracotomy; therefore, we evaluated the efficacy and safety of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) to treat(More)
This article describes the alkali concentration Intelligent Automatic base-line detection and control system in cotton knits shrink process of alkali. In this article, as in the textile industry, cotton knits alkali concentration of alkali reduction process control needs, from the process, detection devices and control strategies to consider to design a(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical treatment of extensive tracheal lesions remains a major challenge because of lack of an ideal airway substitute that is well vascularized, rigid, and autologous. We describe a novel surgical technique of tracheal reconstruction using a combination of a polypropylene mesh material and anterior cervical myocutaneous flap in a dog model. (More)
Grey target decision model for mixed attributes including real numbers, interval numbers, triangular fuzzy numbers, and trapezoidal fuzzy numbers is complex for its data processing in different ways and information distortion in handling fuzzy numbers. To solve these problems, the binary connection number proposed in set pair analysis is applied to unify(More)
In recent years, with the development of the yarn quality testing technology, it can not only save a lot of work force, but also can improve the quality of products. Because the traditional detection device has many limitations, this project uses optical detection technology and intelligent laser sensors. We develop a portable online testing and(More)
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