Jinrong Su

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  • Le Li, Qi‐fu Chen, Fenglin Niu, Jinrong Su, L Li, Q Chen +2 others
  • 2011
[1] We investigated deep slip rates along the Longmen Shan fault zone where the devastating 2008 M7.9 Wenchuan earthquake occurred using repeating earthquake data recorded by two digital seismic networks near the fault. Using cross‐correlation analysis of waveform data, we identified a total of 231 doublets and 224 multiplets that have highly similar(More)
A high-resolution two-dimensional Pg-wave velocity model is obtained for the upper crust around the epicenters of the April 20, 2013 Ms7.0 Lushan earthquake and the May 12, 2008 Ms8.0 Wenchuan earthquake, China. The tomographic inversion uses 47235 Pg arrival times from 6812 aftershocks recorded by 61 stations around the Lushan and Wenchuan earthquakes.(More)
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