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The main objective of this paper is to supply scientific basics for preventing and forecasting the prevalence of hand, foot and mouth disease to explore the effect of different meteorological conditions on occurrence of hand, foot and mouth disease in Wuwei City, northwestern China. Here the data about the diseases and weather was collected from(More)
Human cytomegalovirus infects the majority of humanity which may lead to severe morbidity and mortality in newborns and immunocompromised adults. Humoral and cellular immunity are critical for controlling CMV infection. HCMV envelope glycoprotein complexes (gC I, II, III) represent major antigenic targets of antiviral immune responses. The gCIII complex is(More)
ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to further investigate the immune response of the inactivated split-virion vaccine for infants. We tested the immunogenicity and safety of the inactivated split-virion vaccine in infants, aged 6-35 months, for a randomized, observer-masked, age-stratified clinical study. We randomly divided subjects into three groups: 7.5(More)
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