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Soil water movement with root water uptake is a key process for plant growth and transport of water and chemicals in the soil-plant system. In this study, a root water extraction model was developed to incorporate the effect of soil water deficit and plant root distributions on plant transpiration of annual crops. For several annual crops, normalized root(More)
An analytical solution of macrodispersivity was derived for the adsorbing solute transport in physically and chemically heterogeneous unsaturated soils under the condition of gravity-dominated flow. The unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and water content were treated as spatial random functions. The chemical adsorption was described by a linear equilibrium(More)
We evaluated the 24-h contact toxicity of lambda-cyhalothrin for adult Asian longhorned beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis Motschulsky, by using topical application. Results showed that beetles are sensitive to lambda-cyhalothrin: the LD50 and LD90 were 0.13639 and 0.78461 µg/beetle, respectively. Residual activity of a commercial formulation of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effectiveness and adverse effect of the absorbable fixation system on cranial bone flap reposition and fixation after craniotomy. METHODS Between July 2010 and December 2011, 67 cases underwent cranial bone flap reposition and fixation with absorbable fixation system after craniotomy and resection of intracranial lesions.(More)
Understanding the recharge process and i ts relationship with rainfall is of critical importance t o the management of groundwater systems. In this research, in-situ lysimeter experiments, statistical methods, and numerical simulations were used t o study the process of rainfallinfiltration recharge to the groundwater. With a shallow groundwater table, each(More)
Understanding water movement in soils is essential for understanding other soil physical processes. This generally means the introduction of Darcy’s equation for saturated systems and theDarcy–Buckingham equation for unsaturated soils. Although these equations look relatively simple, they can be complex and their predictions are not always intuitive.(More)
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