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Blind image deblurring, aiming at obtaining the sharp image from blurred one, is a widely existing problem in image processing. Traditional image deblurring methods always use the deconvolution method to remove the blur kernel’s effect, however, deconvolution is so sensitive to noise that inevitable artifacts always exist in the deblurring results, even(More)
In this paper, a starry image matching method based on isomorphism sub graph and LCS (Longest Common Sub-sequence) is proposed for dim and small space target detecting. A starry image mainly consists of a background with a large number of low-gray pixels and bright but small facular. The relative location of the stars can be regarded as a feature set for(More)
In this article, the selective visual attention mechanism and curve detection by Connect The Dots model is introduced to small and dim target detection in deep space background. The greyscale and movement continual significance are fully taken into account to get focus of attention integration map. A curve detection method which based on Connect The Dots(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel neighbor combination framework for the reconstruction of the atmospheric turbulence degenerated image sequence. To utilize the spatial and temporal redundancy, a neighbor vector sampling strategy in spatial and temporal domain is conducted relying on the modeling of the registered sequence. Then, a combinator of neighbor(More)
Watermarking 3D meshes in transformed domain by using traditional Laplacian matrix decomposing may become unstable, since the valence of meshes may be different. To solve this problem, the proposed watermarking algorithm produced fixed spectral basis by using the dual graph derived from the mesh topology and projected geometric features of the dual graph(More)
The influence of noises is obviously in the image transform method based on the pixels elements representation of images. To some extent the method of image transform based on linear elements representation can solution the problem. The Beamlet transform is an effective method of line segment extraction. This work improved the traditional Beamlet transform(More)