Jinqing Liu

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Edge detection of human face is one of the important bases in human face detection and recognition. This article firstly summarizes the basic methods of edge detection and the basis of Sobel operator and Canny operator, then, from a practical perspective, puts forward an novel method that is based on the integration of improved Sobel operator and Canny(More)
Since more and more new findings and principles of intelligence emerge from neuroscience, spiking neural networks become important topics in artificial intelligence domain. However, as high computational complexity of spiking neural networks it is difficult to implement them efficiently using software simulation. In this paper a new hardware implementation(More)
In this paper, a new gradient regularization algorithm is introduced and applied to solve an inverse problem of determining source terms in one-dimensional advection–dispersion equation with final observations. By functional approximations, the algorithm is reduced to find an optimal perturbation for a given source parameter involving computations of(More)
In order to find an effective solution to trajectory target tracking, a memoryless polynomial adaptive filter is proposed in this paper. Unlike Volterra adaptive filter, the proposed memoryless polynomial filter is composed of different monomials, which can fit orbit trajectory very well. Besides, the memoryless polynomial filter can be separated into a(More)
Aim at the application of orbit object tracking; we adopt certain simplification technology to UKF (Unscented Kalman Filter), which reduce the computational complexity considerably. The state space equation in orbit object tracking is linear; the sigma sampling in unscented transform can be simplified as a composition-add process; the nonlinear transmit of(More)
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