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This study is to explore the numerical features of a particle-mesh algorithm developed for a stand-alone joint velocity-frequency-composition PDF method for turbulent reactive flows. Numerical experiments are performed on a piloted-jet nonpremixed turbulent flame of methane to characterize and quantify various numerical errors in terms of numerical(More)
This document contains a proposal of the BEPC-II collider beam energy calibration system (IHEP, Beijing). The system is based on Compton backscattering of carbon dioxide laser radiation, producing a beam of high energy photons. Their energy spectrum is then accurately measured by HPGe detector. The high-energy spectrum edge will allow to determine the(More)
  • Jinqiang Xu
  • 2017 IEEE 2nd Advanced Information Technology…
  • 2017
Expert PID is a direct expert control algorithm, which combines the expert experience with conventional PID algorithm. When using expert PID, it is not necessary to know the accurate mathematical model of controlled object. Actually, the integral saturation usually occurs while the desired value increases or decreases greatly, or the system output deviates(More)
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