Jinqiang Wang

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Schistosoma japonicum is one of the major causative agents of schistosomiasis. The pairing of males and females leads to female sexual maturation and maintains this mature state. However, the mechanisms by which pairing facilitates sexual maturation are yet to be investigated. Parasites isolated from single- and double-sex cercariae-infected mice were(More)
Anticancer drugs embedded in or conjugated with inert nanocarriers, referred to as nanomedicines, show many therapeutic advantages over free drugs, but the inert carrier materials are the major component (generally more than 90%) in nanomedicines, causing low drug loading contents and thus excessive uses of parenteral excipients. Herein, we demonstrate a(More)
The clinical utility of CPT-11 is restricted by factors such as the low conversion rate to SN38, high interpatient variability and dose-limiting toxicity. SN38 is significantly more potent than CPT-11, but parental administration of SN38 is impossible due to its poor solubility and low stability. This study aimed to develop a novel SN38 prodrug (OEG-SN38)(More)
A prodrug forms nanocapsules responsive to tumor GSH/ROS heterogeneity releasing the parent drug SN38 via thiolysis in the presence of GSH (glutathione) or via enhanced hydrolysis due to ROS (reactive oxygen species)-oxidation of the linker, giving rise to high in vitro cytotoxicity and in vivo anticancer therapeutic activity. The nanocapsules are a(More)
The specific sizes that determine optimal nanoparticle tumor accumulation, penetration, and treatment remain inconclusive because many studies compared nanoparticles with multiple physicochemical variables (e.g., chemical structures, shapes, and other physical properties) in addition to the size. In this study, we synthesized amphiphilic block copolymers of(More)
Nanoformulations have been extensively explored to deliver water-insoluble drugs, but they generally use exotic new materials, for instance, amphiphilic block copolymers, which must first go through extensively clinical trials and be approved as drug excipients before any clinical uses. We hypothesize that using clinical amphiphilic drugs as surfactants to(More)
Poly(β-aminoester) dendrimers have been prepared. These systems represent the first degradable dual pH- and temperature-responsive dendrimers displaying photoluminescence. The pH/temperature sensitivities are interrelated; the lower critical solution temperature of the dendrimer decreases as the pH of the solution is increased. The sensitivities are mainly(More)
OBJECTIVE To find out the effects of domperidone in combination with omeprazole in the treatment of chronic superficial gastritis (CSG). METHODS Ninety-six patients who suffered from CSG and received treatment in the Binzhou People's Hospital from July 2013 to July 2014 were selected as research subjects. They were divided into a control group (48 cases)(More)
Chemotherapy has achieved great success in cancer treatment during recent past decades, but it is still challenged by poor solubility, low tumor selectivity, and associated toxicity of most anticancer drugs. The prodrug strategy is one of the most commonly used chemical/biochemical strategies towards improving the therapeutic index of anticancer drugs. A(More)