Jinpeng Yue

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CCA is a powerful tool for analyzing paired multi-view data. However , when facing semi-paired multi-view data which widely exist in real-world problems, CCA usually performs poorly due to its requirement of data pairing between different views in nature. To cope with this problem, we propose a semi-paired variant of CCA named SemiPCCA based on the(More)
In multi-agent system, agents work together for solving complex tasks and reaching common goals. In this paper, we propose a cognitive model for multi-agent collaboration. Based on the cognitive model, an agent architecture will also be presented. This agent has BDI, awareness and policy driven mechanism concurrently. These approaches are integrated in one(More)
Cognitive cycle is a basic procedure of mental activities in cognitive level. Human cognition consists of cascading cycles of recurring brain events. This paper presents a cognitive cycle for the mind model CAM (Consciousness and Memory). Each cognitive cycle perceives the current situation, through motivation phase with reference to ongoing goals, and then(More)
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