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The purpose of this note is to point out that the bimodality is a consequence of the special case considered by N-S. The exact finite sample distribution of the IV estimator has been derived in theExpand
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21 A perspective on application of bootstrap methods in econometrics
Publisher Summary This chapter presents a review of the several applications of bootstrap in econometrics. Almost every type of model used in econometric work has been bootstrapped: regression modelsExpand
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An evaluation of incentive regulation for electric utilities
This empirical study examines the determinants and impacts of incentive regulations introduced by utility commissions in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Rewards for generating plant utilization andExpand
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Technological change and wage premium in a small open economy: the case of Korea
The aim of this study is to analyse the relationship between technological change and the educational wage premium in Korea. The main findings are as follows. First, the changes in educational wageExpand
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Charitable Contributions by Low-and Middle-Income Taxpayers: Further Evidence With a New Method
Examines whether charitable giving by individual taxpayers, including nonitemizers, is responsive to the deduction incentives provided by tax laws. Suggests that giving by low and middle incomeExpand
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Measurement Errors and Tests for Rationality
The traditional tests for rationality, the regression and volatility tests, have often rejected the hypothesis of rationality for survey data on expectations. It has been argued that these tests areExpand
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Bootstrapped White's test for heteroskedasticity in regression models
Abstract This paper suggests a bootstrap procedure that can improve the finite sample performance of White’s test. A Monte Carlo comparison is presented to examine the effectiveness of the proposedExpand
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Wild-bootstrapped variance-ratio test for autocorrelation in the presence of heteroskedasticity
The Breusch–Godfrey LM test is one of the most popular tests for autocorrelation. However, it has been shown that the LM test may be erroneous when there exist heteroskedastic errors in a regressionExpand
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Effects of the Sunday Shopping Restriction in Korea
type="main" xml:id="coep12127-abs-0001"> We examine the effectiveness of Korea's Sunday superstore shopping regulation, whose purpose is to protect small- and medium-sized retailers as well asExpand
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Bootstrap Tests Based on Goodness-of-Fit Measures for Nonnested Hypotheses in Regression Models
This paper utilizes the bootstrap to construct tests using the measures for goodness-of-fit for nonnested regression models. The bootstrap enables us to compute the statistical significance of theExpand
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