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Pfeiffer syndrome (PS; McKusick MIM 101600) is an autosomal dominant craniosynostosis syndrome with characteristic craniofacial anomalies and broad thumbs and big toes1,2. We have previously demonstrated genetic heterogeneity in PS and mapped a gene to chromosome 8 (ref. 3) and a second to chromosome 10 (ref. 4). The gene on chromosome 8 is the fibroblast(More)
The syndrome of hereditary hyperparathyroidism and jaw tumors (HPT-JT) is characterized by inheritance, in an autosomal dominant pattern, of recurrent parathyroid adenomas, fibro-osseous tumors of the mandible and/or maxilla, Wilms tumor, and parathyroid carcinoma. This syndrome is clinically and genetically distinct from other endocrine neoplasia syndromes(More)
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