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SUMMARY Recently, Chien et al. proposed an efficient timestamp-based remote user authentication scheme using smart cards. The main merits include: (1) user-independent server, i.e., there is no password or verification table kept in the server; (2) users can freely choose their passwords; (3) mutual authentication is provided between the user and the(More)
Consequently, application services rendering remote medical services and electronic health record (EHR) have become a hot topic and stimulating increased interest in studying this subject in recent years. Information and communication technologies have been applied to the medical services and healthcare area for a number of years to resolve problems in(More)
Advances in wireless network technology and the continuously increasing users of Personal Trusted Device (PTD) make the latter an ideal channel for offering personalized services to mobile users. In this paper, we apply some cryptology (such as public key infrastructure, hashing chain and digital signature) to propose a realistic mobile ticket system such(More)