Jinn-Shu Chang

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Automata and logics are intimately related, and understanding their relation is instrumental in discovering algorithmic solutions to formal reasoning problems or simply in using those solutions. This applies to Büchi automata and linear temporal logic, which have become fundamental components of the model-checking approach to formal verification of(More)
We introduce Büchi Store, an open repository of Büchi automata and other types of $$\omega $$ -automata for model-checking practice, research, and education. The repository contains Büchi automata and their complements for common specification patterns and numerous temporal formulae. These automata are made as small as possible by various construction(More)
This short book of 269 pages contains a series of concise chapters, that are clearly grouped into topics. All the chapters have a uniformity of presentation. The literature is extensively reviewed; the science and the therapeutic applications are well explained and discussed. Inevitably, some repetition occurs. This book successfully presents scientific(More)
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