Jinn P. Chu

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The thermal stability of joints in thermoelectric (TE) modules, which are degraded during interdiffusion between the TE material and the contacting metal, needs to be addressed in order to utilize TE technology for competitive, sustainable energy applications. Herein, we deposit a 200 nm-thick Zr-based thin-film metallic glass (TFMG), which acts as an(More)
This paper reports on the use of Zr-based (Zr53Cu33Al9Ta5) thin film metallic glass (TFMG) for the coating of syringe needles and compares the results with those obtained using titanium nitride and pure titanium coatings. TFMG coatings were shown to reduce insertion forces by ∼66% and retraction forces by ∼72%, when tested using polyurethane rubber block.(More)
A few layers of Cu-based (Cu47Zr42Al7Ti4) thin-film metallic glasses (TFMGs) were sputtered on hydrothermally synthesized ZnO nanowires/glass and ZnO nanotubes/glass to fabricate UV photodetectors. The few layers of Cu-based TFMG are ultrathin at ∼0.98 nm and have a noncrystalline metal structure according to X-ray diffraction, Raman, photoluminescence, and(More)
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