Jinming Geng

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Specific recognition of phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate [PtdIns3P] by the FYVE domain targets cytosolic proteins to endosomal membranes during key signaling and trafficking events within eukaryotic cells. Here, we show that this membrane targeting is regulated by the acidic cellular environment. Lowering the cytosolic pH enhances PtdIns3P affinity of the(More)
Rab GTPases are crucial regulators of organelle biogenesis, maintenance, and transport. Multiple Rabs are expressed in all cells, and each is localized to a distinct set of organelles, but little is known regarding the mechanisms by which Rabs are targeted to their resident organelles. Integral membrane proteins have been postulated to serve as receptors(More)
Many mammalian proteins are multifunctional proteins with biological activities whose characterization often requires in vitro studies. However, these studies depend on generation of sufficient quantities of recombinant protein and many mammalian proteins cannot be easily expressed and purified as full-length products. One example is the Wilm's tumor gene(More)
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