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Article history: Keywords: Mobile instant message Trust Perceived customer value Perceived service quality Customer satisfaction Switching cost Customer loyalty a b s t r a c t With the rapid development of mobile technology and large usage rates of mobile phones, mobile instant message (MIM) services have been widely adopted in China. Although previous(More)
Component-based software technology is expected to be an effective and widely used method of constructing software system. However, some specialties of component bring a great challenge for testing the systems built by externally-provided components, especially for regression testing. Built-in test design is a fairly effective way to improve component's(More)
In practice, in purchasing decision-making, many quantitative and qualitative factors, with vagueness and imprecision, have to be considered. This makes the decision process very complicated and unstruc-tured. Besides the fuzzy sets theory, vague sets theory is one of the methods used to deal with uncertain information. Since vague sets can provide more(More)