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Article history: Keywords: Mobile instant message Trust Perceived customer value Perceived service quality Customer satisfaction Switching cost Customer loyalty a b s t r a c t With the rapid development of mobile technology and large usage rates of mobile phones, mobile instant message (MIM) services have been widely adopted in China. Although previous(More)
In practice, in purchasing decision-making, many quantitative and qualitative factors, with vagueness and imprecision, have to be considered. This makes the decision process very complicated and unstruc-tured. Besides the fuzzy sets theory, vague sets theory is one of the methods used to deal with uncertain information. Since vague sets can provide more(More)
A strain O4-6, which had pronounced algicidal effects to the harmful algal bloom causing alga Phaeocystis globosa, was isolated from mangrove sediments in the Yunxiao Mangrove National Nature Reserve, Fujian, China. Based on the 16S rRNA gene sequence and morphological characteristics, the isolate was found to be phylogenetically related to the genus(More)
Component-based software technology is expected to be an effective and widely used method of constructing software system. However, some specialties of component bring a great challenge for testing the systems built by externally-provided components, especially for regression testing. Built-in test design is a fairly effective way to improve component's(More)