Jinlong Yang

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Most of the species in the family Planctomycetaceae are of interest for their eukaryotic-like cell structures and characteristics of resistance to extreme environments. Here, we report draft genome sequences of three aquatic parasitic species of this family, Singulisphaera acidiphila (DSM 18658T), Schlesneria paludicola (DSM 18645T), and Zavarzinella(More)
Employing atomic force microscopy as an in situ molecular force probe, we have measured the binding strength between cholera toxin B-pentamer (ctB) and its membrane receptor, ganglioside G(M1). By application of the basic principle of the reaction rate theory, key parameters of the ligand-receptor binding potential can be obtained from our data. The(More)
In this chapter, we provide an overview of research on cognitively validating qualitative calculi, focusing on the region connection calculus (RCC) and Egenhofer’s intersection models (IM). These topological theories are often claimed to be foundational to spatial cognition, a concept we term the Egenhofer– Cohn Hypothesis. (The authors are aware of the(More)
13-cis-Retinoic acid (13-cis-RA), also known as isotretinoin, is commonly used in the management of severe acne. Its clinical efficacy in oncology has also been documented. As a vitamin A derivative, it is not soluble in water. This solubility barrier not only affects its oral absorption but also makes parenteral delivery difficult. Recently, water-soluble(More)
The prehydrolyzate obtained from acid-catalyzed steam-exploded corn stover (ASC) mainly contains xylose and a number of inhibitory compounds that inhibit ethanol fermentation by Pichia stipitis. In this study, the effects of the ASC prehydrolyzate, specifically those of the carbohydrate-degradation products, lignin-degradation products (which were extracted(More)
An effective method for highly enantioselective alkynylation of ketoimine (α-trifluoromethyl ketoimine ester) has been developed via a zinc/BINOL catalyzed process. This protocol provides a useful and facile access to optically active quaternary α-trifluoromethyl α-amino acids and related derivatives of interest in life sciences.
The behavior of prostate carcinoma (PC3) cells and human dermal fibroblast (HDF) cells when incubated with sedimented Au NPs in vitro is studied. Darkfield microscopy demonstrates that both PC3 and HDF cells can "vacuum" Au NPs from the surface. Mean square displacement and mean cumulative square distance of cells shows that PC3 migration decreases in the(More)
Graphene has attracted a lot of research interest owing to its exotic properties and a wide spectrum of potential applications. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) from gaseous hydrocarbon sources has shown great promises for large-scale graphene growth. However, high growth temperature, typically 1000 °C, is required for such growth. Here we demonstrate a(More)
The coupling of electron and nuclear motions in ultrafast charge transfer at molecule-semiconductor interfaces is central to many phenomena, including catalysis, photocatalysis, and molecular electronics. By using femtosecond laser excitation, we transferred electrons from a rutile titanium dioxide (110) surface into a CH3OH overlayer state that is 2.3 +/-(More)