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Heavy metal pollution in coastal areas of South China: a review.
The results show that heavy metal levels were closely associated with local economic development and Hong Kong and the Pearl River Estuary were severely contaminated by heavy metals. Expand
Taihu Lake, lower Yangtze drainage basin: evolution, sedimentation rate and the sea level
Abstract The present study focuses on two Holocene sediment boreholes in Taihu Lake, sunk to examine the lake sediment including sedimentary texture and structure, microfossils, magneticExpand
Complete mitochondrial genome of Stummer’s Racerunner (Eremias stummeri) from Kazakhstan
The complete mitogenome sequence of E. stummeri provides fundamental data for resolving phylogeneitc and genetic problems related to Eremia viviparity, indicating a close phylogenetic affinity of the sampled taxa in genus Eremias. Expand
Diversification and historical demography of the rapid racerunner (Eremias velox) in relation to geological history and Pleistocene climatic oscillations in arid Central Asia.
Late Cenozoic stepwise aridification has transformed Central Asia into an arid environment, and the Pleistocene climatic oscillations exerted further ecological impact. Therefore, both aridificationExpand
Tracing the composition, fluid source and formation conditions of the methane-derived authigenic carbonates in the Gulf of Cadiz with rare earth elements and stable isotopes
Abstract The mineral composition, stable carbon and oxygen isotopes, and rare earth element (REE) concentrations in methane-derived authigenic carbonates collected from the Gulf of Cadiz were used toExpand
The complete mitochondrial genome of a blue-tailed skink (Plestiodon tunganus) endemic to Sichuan Basin
The resulting phylogenetic tree showed that P. tunganus clustered in a branch close to the species from the same genus, which will provide fundamental data to explore mitochondrial genome evolution in skinks. Expand
The Mechanism of Methane Gas Migration Through the Gas Hydrate Stability Zone: Insights From Numerical Simulations
Author(s): Liu, J; Haeckel, M; Rutqvist, J; Wang, S; Yan, W | Abstract: ©2019. American Geophysical Union. All Rights Reserved. Free gas migration through the gas hydrate stability zone (GHSZ) andExpand
Molecular Assessment and Taxonomic Status of the Rapid Racerunner (Eremias velox complex) with Particular Attention to the Populations in Northwestern China
Examination of the phylogenetic analyses recovers seven distinct, biogeographically discrete, and well-supported clades, revealing genetically identifiable populations corresponding to some previously morphology-defined subspecies of E. v. velox. Expand
Co-generation of ethanol and l-lactic acid from corn stalk under a hybrid process
An effective and energy saving biochemical process was developed in this study and the residual xylose after ethanol fermentation was further converted to l-lactic acid, a potential way to produce bioproducts under the concept of biorefinery, while making full use of the hydrolysate of corn stover. Expand
Complete mitogenome of a variegated racerunner, Eremias vermiculata, from north of Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang, China
The mitogenome sequence herein will provide fundamental data for further investigating the phylogeographical pattern of E. vermiculata, along with testing the barrier effect of the Tianshan Mountains to gene flow, and a preliminary phylogenetic inference has been implemented with five racerunner species and several other related lacertid species. Expand