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The availability of GPS signals is a major concern for many existing and potential applications. Fortunately, with the development of Galileo by the European Commission (EC) and European Space Agency (ESA) and new funding for the restoration of the Russian GLONASS announced by the Russian Federation (Revnivykh et al., 2005) the future for satellite based(More)
BIOGRAPHIES Liwen Dai received a B. been a full-time Ph.D. student within the SNAP group. His current research interests are software and algorithm development for rapid static and kinematic positioning (and attitude determination) using integrated GPS, GLONASS and pseudolite systems. Jinling has authored over 100 refereed journal and conference(More)
Cardiac I Kr is a critical repolarizing current in the heart and a target for inherited and acquired long-QT syndrome (LQTS). Biochemical and functional studies have demonstrated that I Kr channels are heteromers composed of both hERG 1a and 1b subunits, yet our current understanding of I Kr functional properties derives primarily from studies of(More)
One of the most important tasks in integration of GPS/INS is to choose the realistic dynamic model covariance matrix Q and measurement noise covariance matrix R for use in the Kalman filter technique. The performance of the methods to estimate both of these matrices depends entirely on the minimization of dynamic and measurement update errors that lead the(More)
The integration of GPS with GLONASS may be considered a major milestone in satellite-based positioning, because it can dramatically improve the reliability and productivity of said positioning. However, unlike GPS, GLONASS satellites transmit signals at different frequencies, which results in significant complexity in terms of modelling and ambiguity(More)
Mobility management is an important issue for publish/subscribe systems to support mobile clients. The objectives of mobility management for publish / subscribe are to achieve short handoff delay and low message overhead, while at the same time guaranteeing reliable message delivery. Although mobility management has been extensively studied, the indirect(More)
BIOGRAPHY Liwen Dai received a B. Shaowei Han is Principal Scientist in Magellan Corporation and a part-time Senior Lecturer in the School of Geomatic Engineering, UNSW. He is Chairman of the IAG's Special Study Group 1.179 "Wide Area Modeling for Precise Satellite Positioning", and has authored over 100 journal and conference publications. ABSTRACT In this(More)
—Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) systems have been widely used in distributed computing systems for event notification and delivery. However, there is no existing work on Pub/Sub systems for wireless mesh networks (WMNs) which are regarded as a promising infrastructure for providing wireless Internet services to a wide area. In this paper, we propose the design(More)
High precision GPS surveying and navigation applications have been constrained to the short-range case due to the presence of distance-dependent biases in the between-receiver single-differenced observables. Over the past few years, the use of a GPS reference station network approach, to extend the inter-receiver distances (user-to-reference receiver(More)