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Size-resolved and bulk activation properties of aerosols were measured at a regional/suburban site in the North China Plain (NCP), which is occasionally heavily polluted by anthropogenic aerosol particles and gases. A Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) closure study is conducted with bulk CCN number concentration (N CCN) and calculated CCN number concentration(More)
Land surface temperature (LST) plays an important role in many fields. However, the limited spatial resolution of current thermal sensors impedes the utilization of LSTs. Based on a theoretical framework of thermal sharpening, this report presents an Enhanced Generalized Theoretical Framework (EGTF) to downscale LSTs using multi-spectral (MS) and(More)
—The environmental monitoring of earth surfaces requires land surface temperatures (LSTs) with high temporal and spatial resolutions. The disaggregation of LST (DLST) is an effective technique to obtain high-quality LSTs by incorporating two subbranches, including thermal sharpening (TSP) and temperature unmixing (TUM). Although great progress has been made(More)
Near surface air temperature (Ta) is one of the most critical variables in climatology, hydrology, epidemiology, and environmental health. In situ measurements are not efficient for characterizing spatially heterogeneous Ta, while remote sensing is a powerful tool to break this limitation. This study proposes a mapping framework for daily mean Ta using an(More)
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