Jinliang Guo

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According to the apple's growth distribution space and ecological characteristics, we developed a five-DOF articulated robot manipulator (including robot arm and its end-effector), which had redundancy to avoid obstacles and had metamorphic mechanism to reach targets flexibly. The real-time image is acquired from a camera with the installation method of(More)
The gyro stabilized platform control is required to isolate the line of sight (LOS) from the disturbance and vibration of carrier and ensure pointing and tracking for target in electro-optical tracking system. A compound adaptive fuzzy PID control with hysteresis-band switching is developed for this servo system with nonlinear property and some(More)
With graphene as a saturable absorber, the efficient and stable 1.4 μm dual-wavelength operation of Nd:YAG ceramic laser is demonstrated. A maximum total average output power of 601 mW is obtained under the pump power of 22.3 W, corresponding to an optical-optical conversion efficiency of 2.7%. The minimum pulse width and the highest pulse repetition rate(More)
In order to prepare well for drawing Bode and Nyquist diagrams of vibration signals collected from rotor startup or shutdown process, a new Hilbert transform based calculation method is proposed. Experiment results show that the proposed method can smooth Bode and Nyquist diagrams, has more accuracy in amplitude and phase calculation, and also can not be(More)
A system structure for water jet cutting machine fault diagnosis based on multi-information fusion is presented, which takes the time-varying, redundancy and uncertainty of the multi-fault characteristic information into consideration. We make use of the neural network's ability of better fault tolerance, strong generalization capability, characteristics of(More)
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