Jinlian Wei

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We present a system that produces sentential descriptions of video: who did what to whom, and where and how they did it. Action class is rendered as a verb, participant objects as noun phrases, properties of those objects as adjectival modifiers in those noun phrases, spatial relations between those participants as preposi-tional phrases, and(More)
Heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90), whose inhibitors have shown promising activity in clinical trials, is an attractive anticancer target. In this work, we first explored the significant pharmacophore features needed for Hsp90 inhibitors by generating a 3D-QSAR pharmacophore model. It was then used to virtually screen the SPECS databases, identifying 17 hits.(More)
We present an approach to labeling short video clips with English verbs as event descriptions. A key distinguishing aspect of this work is that it labels videos with verbs that describe the spa-tiotemporal interaction between event participants , humans and objects interacting with each other, abstracting away all object-class information and fine-grained(More)
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