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Finger-vein recognition has been considered as one of the most convenient and effective biometric ways for personal identification. Extracting vein characteristics is crucial for finger-vein classification. However, the finger-vein extraction results always are greatly sensitive to noises due to the low contrast of finger-vein images. To robustly exploit(More)
A novel method of exploiting finger-vein features for personal identification is proposed in this paper. First, the circular Gabor filter is used to enhance finger-vein region in an image. Then, image segmentation is implemented for finger-vein network extraction. To obtain the finger-vein skeleton, thinning operation is performed accordingly. Based on the(More)
As a new approach to personal identification, finger-vein recognition is becoming an active topic in biometrics. And exploiting the underlying features related to finger-vein networks has been considered as a reliable way for finger-vein recognition. However, finger-vein network segmentation always is a difficult task due to the low contrast of finger-vein(More)
Finger vein biometric have been recognized as the most effective and promising recognition method due to its accuracy and security. This paper discusses a method for finger vein image features extraction using 2-D Rotated Wavelet Filters (RWF) and Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) jointly. A set of 2-D RWF filters improves characterization of diagonally(More)
It has been proved that when the transmit power is sufficiently large distributed space time codes can achieve the maximal diversity order in a wireless relay network. In the previous works, space time codes used in a wireless relay network are limited on unitary space time codes or orthogonal (or quasi- orthogonal) space time codes. In this paper, we apply(More)
GuiZhou is a typical karst region, the ecological environment background there is complex with sharp cutting surface, steep slope and the cloudy and rainy weather. It is difficult to get high-quality image data. In this paper, the best karst mountainous areas ALOS image fusion method will be searched by the new high resolution ALOS data. The methods are(More)
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