Jinlan Qiu

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The "multilayer silicene" films were grown on Ag(111), with increasing thickness above 30 monolayers (ML). Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) observations suggest that the "multilayer silicene" is indeed a bulk-like Si(111) film with a (√3 × √3)R30° honeycomb superstructure on surface. The possibility for formation of Si(111)(√3 × √3)R30°-Ag reconstruction(More)
There are terrestrial signatures of the solar activity cycle in ice core data (Ram and Stoltz 1999), but the variations in the sun’s irradiance over the cycle seem too small to account for the signature (Lean 1997 and Goode and Dziembowski 2003). Thus, one would expect that the signature must arise from an indirect effect(s) of solar activity. Such an(More)
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