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The objective of the paper was to study the anti-tumor effect of total glycosides from Radix paeoniae rubra in S180 tumor-bearing mice, and to preliminarily explore its mechanism of action. Mice were made into S180 solid tumor model, grouped and administered with the extracts; tumor inhibition rate was measured by harvesting the tumors, and serum IL-2 and(More)
The objective of the present study was to investigate the anticancer activity of Chinese medicine Caulis Spatholobi extract on multicentric osteosarcoma cells. Ultraviolet spectrophotometry was used to determine the total flavonoid content in each sample; vanillin sulphuric acid assay was used to determine the condensed tannin content in each sample; and(More)
In this paper, based on the characteristics of the oil and gas exploration project, the risk analysis method is a systematically studied. Firstly we analyze the shortcomings of existing risk analysis methodologies, set forth the further research direction in this field. Then the influence diagram algorithms are presented based on fuzzy theory. At last, the(More)
In this competitive business world, only the companies with satisfied customers can make a great deal of profit. What can make your customer satisfied? The answer is obviously: your product and service. But, excellent products/service are also produced and designed by your employee. So employee is the most important and valuable resources to corporation(More)
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