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Virtual machine (VM) introspection is a powerful technique for determining the specific aspects of guest VM execution from outside the VM. Unfortunately, existing introspection solutions share a common questionable assumption. This assumption is embodied in the expectation that original kernel data structures are respected by the untrusted guest and thus(More)
Targeting the operating system (OS) kernel, kernel rootkits pose a formidable threat to computer systems and their users. Recent efforts have made significant progress in blocking them from injecting malicious code into the OS kernel for execution. Unfortunately, they cannot block the emerging so-called <i>return-oriented rootkits</i> (RORs). Without the(More)
Protecting kernel control data (e.g., function pointers and return addresses) has been a serious issue plaguing rootkit defenders. In particular, rootkit authors only need to compromise one piece of control data to launch their attacks, while defenders need to protect thousands of such values widely scattered across kernel memory space. Worse, some of this(More)
Kernel rootkits are among the most insidious threats to computer security today. By employing various code injection techniques, they are able to maintain an omnipotent presence in the compromised OS kernels. Existing preventive countermeasures typically employ virtualization technology as part of their solutions. However, they are still limited in either(More)
Studies have shown that the abnormal expression of leucine-rich α2 glycoprotein 1 (LRG1) is associated with multiple malignancies, yet its role in glioma pathology remains to be elucidated. In this study, we investigated the role of LRG1 in regulating proliferation, migration and invasion of glioma cells by establishing glioma cell strains with(More)
Leucine-rich α2 glycoprotein 1 (LRG1) has been shown to be aberrantly expressed in multiple human malignancies. However, the biological functions of LRG1 in human glioblastoma remain unknown. Here, we report for the first time the role of LRG1 in glioblastoma development based on the preliminary in vitro and in vivo data. We first confirmed the expression(More)
Information flow security has been considered as a critical requirement on software systems, especially when heterogeneous components from different parties cooperate to achieve end-to-end enforcement on data confidentiality. Enforcing the information flow security properties on complicated systems faces a great challenge because the properties cannot be(More)
Denial of service (DoS) attack is a great threaten to privacy-preserving authentication protocols for low-cost devices such as RFID. During such attack, the legal internal states can be consumed by the DoS attack. Then the attacker can observe the behavior of the attacked tag in authentication to break privacy. Due to the inadequate energy and computing(More)
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