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— This paper presents a new cross-layer resource allocation model for multiuser packet-based Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) systems, where the packet arrival process, delay QoS in the application layer and the subcarrier conditions for all users in the physical layer are considered in the MAC layer design. The objective of the proposed(More)
—Though cooperative relaying is believed to be a promising technology to improve the energy efficiency of cellular networks, the relays' static power consumption might worsen the energy efficiency therefore can not be neglected. In this paper, we focus on whether and how the energy efficiency of cellular networks can be improved via relays. Based on the(More)
— Using group theory, we analyze cycle GF(2 p) codes that use Cayley graphs as their associated graphs. First, we show that through row and column permutations the parity check matrix H can be put in a concatenation form of row-permuted block-diagonal matrices. Encoding utilizing this form can be performed in linear time and in parallel. Second, we derive a(More)
With the ever growing demand of data applications, the joint macro-relay networks are emerging as a promising heterogeneous deployment to provide coverage extension and throughput enhancement. However, the current cellular networks are usually designed to be performance-oriented without enough considerations on the traffic variation, causing substantial(More)