Jinkang Du

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We report the optical limiting responses of a hexagonal prism cage shaped transition metal cluster MOZAg&(PPh3)4 in acetone and acetonitrile solutions to 8 4 s laser pulses. We have observed that the limiting behavior occurs in the entire visible spectrum. The limiting performance of the cluster is 1 order of magnitude better than that of a Cm-toluene(More)
TOPMODEL is a semi-distributed hydrological model in which the distributed predictions of catchments response to rainfall are made. In this process of simulation, Digital Elevation Models (DEM) is required to provide the values of parameters, such as topographic index, cumulative area of catchment and distance from catchment outlet; thus DEM play a dominant(More)
Distributed/semi-distributed models are considered to be sensitive to the spatial resolution of the data input. In this paper, we take a small catchment in high urbanized Yangtze River Delta, Qinhuai catchment as study area, to analyze the impact of spatial resolution of precipitation and the potential evapotranspiration (PET) on the long-term runoff and(More)
A practical millimeter and terahertz multi-spectral imaging system based on commercially available electronic components is presented. The advantages of its robustness, lower cost design, and the convenience to operate were explored. The system is then used to undertake a study of imaging at millimeter and terahertz wave frequencies with results compared.
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