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LCL filters offer a better choice of attenuating switching frequency harmonics. However, in a grid-connected system, an LCL filter may cause resonance which is a disaster for the system’s stability. In order to solve the problem, a two-currentloop control strategy, which includes grid-current outer loop and filter-capacitor-current inner loop, is adopted(More)
The stability problem of the grid-connected inverter with LCL filter adopting a digital single-loop controller without extra damping resistance is analyzed. The digital single-loop control based on the grid-side current feedback can attenuate the resonance introduced by LCL filters due to the inherent damping characteristic embedded in the control loop. The(More)
This paper theoretically analyzed and established the state-space mathematical model of the single-stage three-phase PV converter with LCL filter, and proposed a design procedure of the pole-assignment control method based on state feedback and repetitive controller of current regulation. Additionally, the MPPT is realized by using improved P&O method(More)
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