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We introduce a new iterative regularization procedure for inverse problems based on the use of Bregman distances, with particular focus on problems arising in image processing. We are motivated by the problem of restoring noisy and blurry images via variational methods, by using total variation regularization. We obtain rigorous convergence results, and(More)
In this paper we generalize the iterated refinement method, introduced by the authors in [8], to a time-continuous inverse scale-space formulation. The iterated refinement procedure yields a sequence of convex variational problems, evolving toward the noisy image. The inverse scale space method arises as a limit for a penalization parameter tending to zero,(More)
In this paper, we generalize the iterative regularization method and the inverse scale space method, recently developed for total-variation (TV) based image restoration, to wavelet-based image restoration. This continues our earlier joint work with others where we applied these techniques to variational-based image restoration, obtaining significant(More)
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