Jinjun Tong

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Brightness temperatures (TBs) from the special sensor microwave imager (SSM/I) and advanced microwave scanning radiometer (AMSR-E) from 2003 to 2007 are utilized to retrieve and evaluate the snow water equivalent (SWE) over the complex terrain of the Quesnel River Basin (QRB), British Columbia, Canada. Various algorithms including the Environment Canada(More)
Since 2002, global snow water equivalent (SWE) estimates have been generated using Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E)/Aqua data. Accurate estimates of SWE are important to improve monitoring and managing of water resources in specific regions. SWE and snow map product accuracy are functions of topography and of land cover type because landscape(More)
in this paper, the NCEP reanalyzed data is used to substitute the atmosphere profile detected by radio sound in Qinhai lake to calibrate the TIR band of FY2B. That the calibration coefficients of FY2B TIR band calculated by using the atmosphere profile of real data and NCEP reanalyzed data are very consistent shows the NCEP reanalyzed data in Qinhai lake(More)
In this paper, the radiometric cross-calibration method is adopted to calibrate the SZ3-CMODIS based on the on-board calibration results of EOS-MODIS. The calibration results worked out by cross-calibration method are consistent with the calibration results worked out by reflectance-based and pre-launch method.
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