Jinjing Ma

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In the present study, a cell-based high-throughput assay is established to identify novel human genes associated with cell viability. The assay relies on the down-regulation of Renilla luciferase (pRL) activity in a 96-well format. In addition, 2-color fluorescence probes were used to distinguish living and dead cells. As the positive control, the authors(More)
The development of functional profiling technologies provides opportunity for high-throughput functional genomics studies. We describe a cell-based screening system to identify novel human genes associated with cell proliferation. The method integrates luciferase reporter gene activity, fluorescence stain, automated microscopy and cellular phenotype assays.(More)
Sulfonylureas are the most commonly used oral hypoglycemic agents. Their hypoglycemic actions are produced not only by stimulating insulin secretion but also by extrapancreatic mechanisms. Some groups have already demonstrated the extrapancreatic actions of sulfonylureas on carbohydrate metabolism in the liver, fat and muscle. In this study, we showed in an(More)
The association of the production of CA125 with the cell cycle was investigated in two cell lines derived from human ovarian cancer, one from a serous cystadenocarcinoma (HTOA) and the other from a mucinous cystadenocarcinoma (RMUG-s). HTOA and RMUG-s cells secreted CA125 at about 50 and 30U/ml/10(5) cell/24hr, respectively, in the logarithmic growth phase(More)
Manifestation of EGF receptors and enhancement of an anticancer agent by EGF were studied in cultured cells derived from female genital cancers. 1) The numbers of EGF-receptors of SKG-3a, RMUG-s, HUOA, A-431 and HEC-1 were 1.22 x 10(4), 6.94 x 10(4), 2.75 x 10(4), 5.25 x 10(5) and 0.92 x 10(4) sites per cell respectively. The values for the dissociation(More)
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