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Saturated genetic marker maps are being used to map individual genes affecting quantitative traits. Controlling the "experimentwise" type-I error severely lowers power to detect segregating loci. For preliminary genome scans, we propose controlling the "false discovery rate," that is, the expected proportion of true null hypotheses within the class of(More)
The rate at which the global average surface temperature is increasing has slowed down since the end of the last century. This study investigates whether this warming hiatus results from a change in the well-known greenhouse effect. Using long-term, reliable, and consistent observational data from the Earth's surface and the top of the atmosphere (TOA), two(More)
Many large paleo-lakes in North China were formed after the Triassic Era. Seawater incursion events (SWIEs) in these lakes have been extensively discussed in the literature, yet lack reliable methodology and solid evidence, which are essential for reconstructing and confirming SWIEs. The present study employs specific marine biological markers (24-n-propyl(More)
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