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This work introduces a method of continuous particle separation through standing surface acoustic wave (SSAW)-induced acoustophoresis in a microfluidic channel. Using this SSAW-based method, particles in a continuous laminar flow can be separated based on their volume, density and compressibility. In this work, a mixture of particles of equal density but(More)
We present ultra-fast homogeneous mixing inside a microfluidic channel via single-bubble-based acoustic streaming. The device operates by trapping an air bubble within a "horse-shoe" structure located between two laminar flows inside a microchannel. Acoustic waves excite the trapped air bubble at its resonance frequency, resulting in acoustic streaming,(More)
We report a holographically fabricated, optically switchable grating using azo-dye-doped, polymer-dispersed liquid crystals (LCs). Our experiments show that upon photoirradiation, the diffraction of the grating was decreased significantly. We believe that this switching behavior is due to two factors--nematic-isotropic phase transition of LCs and thermal(More)
Based on a seedling growth experiment in cucumber cultivars "Zhongnong203' and "Chiyu401' under different temperatures in growth cabin, growth analysis of seedling and establishment of CUSSIM (cucumber seedling simulator) model in cucumber were investigated. The results indicated that total dry plant weight, plant height and leave number of cucumber(More)
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